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First Fridays – A Look Inside

In the 6 years that our creative studio has lived in the Exchange District, we felt it was finally the right time to participate in First Fridays in the Exchange. This, especially with the recent launch of our new and improved website and 26 Market e-commerce platform to share with the world, we thought it would be special to share these new endeavours with passersby and introduce ourselves in the flesh.

Reminiscing Over the Evening

In our home on the seventh floor of the historic Whitla Building on 70 Arthur Street, we tacked the corridor walls with pink, blue, green, and orange balloons, playfully enticing explorers to enter our space at the end of the hall – the 26 Projects studio.

A Winnipeg night in February is nothing out of the ordinary…wickedly chilly. This, and the fact that only one other neighbour in the building was open for the night, we felt, were the reasons behind the friendly faces who came by in the 4 hours we were open.

Every visitor had our full attention. We conversed about our work and about some of the clients people would be familiar with, and offered a little tour of the studio. We pointed out where everybody sat, the quaint kitchenette where we eat our morning eggs and avocados, the corner of the room where photo shoots take place and, of course, where our 26 Market is stationed. Naturally, most people were drawn to our shop. The urge to talk about how well-crafted the canvas and leather goods of The Superior Labor are, took full effect – you can’t hold us back. We were happy to wax poetic.

Although the night was relaxed (we continue to blame the cold), we did have a peak around 6-7 pm. At this point in the evening, balloons were flying about in the air and a singing performance by Tula and Huxley (Pauline’s adorable children) followed. “Let it Go” (Disney’s Frozen) continued to play in our heads for the rest of the night.

As the minutes turned into hours, and late-night wanderers replaced crowds of people, the night quickly drew to a close. We were satisfied, yet yearning for next month’s First Friday as all the fun workshop possibilities rushed through our heads. Nights like these allow us to share our passion, and although it was only for a moment, we were grateful at such an opportunity to let outsiders into 26. But for now, we bid farewell to First Friday and start the countdown until March 6…