The Village at Pineridge Hollow – New Branding for a New Vision


Long-time client, Pineridge Hollow, approached us with an exciting project: develop the branding for their new expansion, The Village. The Village – consisting of two large buildings, each with six individual shops, a permanent home for the farmers’ market, office spaces, a designated studio space, and The Village Square – has long been in the works for the Pineridge Hollow team, and we were thrilled to work alongside them again.

About the Village

At its core, The Village is about bringing people together while celebrating and cherishing the natural environment surrounding the property in Birds Hill Park. Throughout the planning and construction process, special care was taken to ensure the tallest tree (located right in the centre of The Village land) not only remained standing, but also became a landmark.

The Logo, Typeface, and Colour Palette

Hierarchically, The Village sits under the Pineridge Hollow umbrella. Therefore, The Village branding needed to work with and the existing, and well-established, Pineridge Hollow branding. The logo for The Village also needed to work with and without the inclusion of the Pineridge Hollow logo nestled underneath. 

We wanted the logo to feel soft, but not too feminine so that we turned the male audience away from visiting the property. The Village wordmark is an all lowercase serif, choses to balance the all uppercase style of Pineridge Hollow’s logo. Further, the lowercase type allowed us to tuck “the” right before the ascenders.

The colour palette is built of earthy tones, reflective of the beautiful natural environment of the park. The muted blue is a nod to the sky, the green is from the grass and trees, the taupe evokes the sand, and the terracotta mirrors the soil.

The Supporting Elements and Icon

The studio hand-drew botanicals and plants that are all native to Birds Hill Park as supporting graphic elements to The Village brand. These illustrations peek out from behind the wordmark to form the full logo, and playfully dance around the V to form the icon.

The Sub Brands

Following the final branding for The Village, we also had the pleasure of developing sub brands for The Village’s four sub-entities that will reside on the property: The Village Market, The Village Square, the studio, and the offices. The sub brands all needed to complement each other and The Village’s parent branding – but hold their own when presented solo as well.