The Healthy Nut – Launching a New Look

Starting from the idea to keep their family healthy and active these small protein bars pack a big punch. The Healthy Nut protein bars are created from whole ingredients full of nutrients individuals may miss in their everyday diet. Our work with the brand was launching them into the digital realm with social media, digital ads, newsletters, and video to expand the potential market and awareness of this protein bar product. This was just the jumping-off point of our relationship with this mother-daughter duo.

The Campaign Concept

The campaign was created to launch the newly updated packaging and look of The Healthy Nut protein bars. The entire launch plan was created before a shot list allowing accurate portrayal of the product and a streamlined workflow between us and the client. We photographed each protein bar flavour, both wrapped and unwrapped, with minimal styling and bright lighting to highlight the new packaging. Each shot was centred around the flavours of each bar and what lifestyle objects complemented them like gym equipment or a morning coffee and newspaper.

The Process

After the shoot, we created a social media plan for Instagram and Facebook posts with the main focus being the launch of the new packaging. Included in the launch was a combination of static images, graphic posts, and Instagram Reels all with the same goal – inform the existing audience of The Healthy Nut’s new packaging and draw in new audiences by educating them about the product. To capitalize on the rise of video content we directed, filmed, and edited two 15-20 second reels one dedicated to the launch of the new packaging and one dedicated to educating about the goodness within the packaging. In total, these reels reached over 10,000 people and garnered such a positive reception that the videos were reposted onto other accounts.


In combination with organic social posting, we also ran a Facebook ad campaign targeting both a local Winnipeg audience and a wide Manitoba audience. The ads were shown to a total of just over 20,000 people, seen over 124,000 times, and received 997 link clicks. The ads also received an engagement rate of 5.18% which is well above the industry standard of 0.5%.


For direct marketing efforts one of the ads we ran directed viewers to subscribe to the newsletter. We did a series of four first highlighting the launch, specific flavours of protein bars, and providing special promotions and discounts before they were shown anywhere else.

Current Work

Following the launch campaign for their new packaging, we’ve continued to work closely with The Healthy Nut team on their newsletters, growing their newsletter subscribers, and a robust advertising campaign on Facebook – aimed at expanding their audience, building brand awareness across the country, and promoting in-store visits at their newly opened cafe.