Style Bar – A Digital Ads Success Story


A well-known Winnipeg boutique wanted to reach a wider Canadian audience and expand their brand awareness beyond Manitoba.  

The Story

From a dream to a brick and mortar.

Style Bar opened their doors for the first time in the fall of 2013 in Winnipeg’s historic Osborne Village as a lifestyle boutique carrying quality and fashionable clothing for any style and budget. 

What started as a boutique for women’s and men’s clothing quickly evolved to add lifestyle items and local sections. Most recently they have started their latest transformation and have dedicated nearly half of their brick and mortar store to maternity, baby, and curve collections. Their business is rooted in their love of helping others find beautiful, unique pieces that will make you look and feel your best.

The Challenge

Style Bar has established itself in Winnipeg by creating a longstanding loyalty and trust with each of its customers. In the last year, the business started to shift in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic while more and more shoppers were making purchases online. It was during this shift where the team at Style Bar wanted to expand their digital presence and replicate the same level of confidence, loyalty, and trust with customers all over Canada. This is where we come in.

The Solution

Our digital marketing strategy was developed to create a wider customer base and increase brand awareness across Canada. We started collecting data and increasing local e-commerce orders by advertising within Manitoba first, before moving into other provinces. When it was time to expand our audience, we created a list of Custom and Lookalike audiences using existing internal data and the data we had collected ourselves. 


We used a full-funnel approach to our cross-Canada campaign, featuring ad formats and messaging designed to address the various needs of consumers as they moved from the awareness through to the purchase phase. Our team used broad messaging to introduce Style Bar to new customers at the top-funnel, carousels with product and offer communication in the middle-funnel, and offer-specific remarketing ads at the bottom of the funnel.


We optimized all of our ads to perform on any Facebook apps and used Automatic Placements allowing Facebook to deliver ads based on which placements were most likely to drive the best campaign results at the lowest cost.

The Results and the Bigger Picture

We measured our results from a May – September 2021 conversion campaign which resulted in 70K people reached, 2.8K unique website visitors, 70 website purchases, and 2% average CTR.

Our larger digital marketing strategy consists of Facebook advertising, email newsletters, and blog content on the website. In our newsletters, we highlight new arrivals, feature blog content, and provide styling tips to drive traffic to the website where ultimately, we want the reader to make a purchase. The newsletters are timed to coincide with new collection launches or other in-store events to build off the momentum created and, in turn, add to the momentum as well.

Photos provided by Style Bar.