Smak Dab – More than a Mustard

Smak Dab casts a light on what pure and high quality mustard can be in North America. 26 Projects has worked closely with the brand since 2017 in all aspects of design and digital presence. We continue to create playful content that has extended the brand’s story, reflected the quality of the product, and has acted as a true extension of the people behind it.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

Brand Expansion and Character Building

Experimental, animated illustration is a layer that the studio provides, showcasing Smak Dab’s uniqueness and in-part, brings people closer to the brand. Thy illustrated character series has been applied to Social channels, print and digital marketing materials, and various brand collateral.

Compact Content – The Cook Booklet

Recipe development and photography has reinforced the product as an ingredient to be added to cooking, and not simply used as a condiment. Take-home recipe cards are simple and accessible for offline members of the target market. Little cook booklets featuring recipes and lifestyle photography turn into cherished keepsakes of inspiration for the user. These pieces are easily kept in a recipe box, binder or kitchen, effectively passed on in grocery stores, markets, and incorporated into displays. Sweet, simple and accessible – the cook booklets are full of easy to follow information and recipes inspired by the seasons.