Smak Dab Beyond the Prairies – Western Canada Expansion


With the launch of Smak Dab on the west coast of Canada, we were tasked with creating a comprehensive media kit and influencer package to announce the arrival of the Manitoba-based product. We have always had the opportunity to create for the Smak Dab brand without creative restriction and with the goal to expand the product reach as it is made accessible across Canada.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

Media & Influencer Kits

We responded by developing a comprehensive media kit and a thoughtfully curated, tangible influencer package that would reach the hands of key movers and shakers on the west coast. Complete with the full array of mustard, the signature vintage spoons and pretzels to enjoy the mustard with, the collection of cook booklets, and printed materials to help recipients engage with the product. This, all made complete with custom-designed packing tape to place a light mark on a humble cardboard box.


After developing the first iteration of Smak Dab’s website in 2017, this was the opportune moment to revisit and refresh the structure and art direction for a new national audience. The resultant renewed website fuses the brand’s distinct voice with a refined design aesthetic and thoughtful editorial content, all grounded by dynamic food and product photography.