Nice Nice – Playful Branding for a New Boutique

Megan, one of Nice Nice’s founders, came to us with an idea for her new shop. She wanted to create a boutique centred all around optimizing people’s lives by creating memorable moments out of the ordinary. The plan was to find thoughtfully selected, well-made goods that help take your relaxing moments to the next level – bringing in products from all over the globe that is not currently available in Winnipeg.

Megan had a good idea of what she wanted the branding to look like – bold and definitely retro-inspired. After sending some inspiration back-and-forth, we created a moodboard to outline the look and feel of Nice Nice.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

Brand Creation

Nice Nice’s logo was sketched by hand to create a custom, retro-inspired typeface. We sketched out a few different versions, and then started introducing colour. Nice Nice’s palette has four primary colours and four secondary colours, giving us a really wide range of shades to play with. We chose colours that are extremely rich and indulgent – nothing about the brand is subtle, but the colours all needed to work together and feel cohesive.

From there, we created supporting shapes as additional elements to pull into Nice Nice’s branding. The shapes are funky, playful, and work to support and complement the logo, as well as each other. As we developed other assets for Nice Nice – like a website, social posts, and printed tissue paper – these shapes became instrumental in building out the brand into something instantly recognizable.

Expanding the Brand

Nice Nice is playful, fun, and sassy, so we worked to make sure that came across in every deliverable for them both in the design and in the copy. Nice Nice is all about towing the line between being a little too much, in the best way possible, so we dove into it head first.

When the brand guideline was set, we jumped into creating a temporary landing page to drive traffic to while we worked behind the scenes to build the full online shop. At the same time, we developed a strategy and then content for social media, newsletter layouts, and other collateral including packing tape, printed tissue paper, tags, and self-inking stamps. Closer to the launch of the website, we also created, developed, and executed Facebook ads.