Mijune Pak – At the Intersection of Food, Travel, Fashion, and Beauty


Mijune Pak is a world culinary adventurer, television personality, and lifestyle figure. She has become known for her blog FollowMeFoodie.com and has acted as a judge on the Food Network’s Top Chef Canada and Iron Chef Canada. Her enthusiasm for food, travel, fashion and style has solidified her as an international tastemaker and trusted voice in the culinary world.

Memories of Breakfast, Turned Chocolate  – #MijuneXBeta5

26 Projects had the pleasure of meeting Mijune, winter of 2019. Since, the studio has been engaged to work on her personal website and to design packaging artwork for custom chocolate bars created in collaboration with Beta5 Chocolate (based in Vancouver). Two flavours were developed, inspired by of memories Southeast Asian breakfast dishes enjoyed during travels.

The first – Kaya Toast, consists of coffee served with kaya jam on buttered and crustless toast, sometimes dipped into soft boiled eggs, enjoyed by Mijune during trips to Malaysia and Singapore. The bar is brought together with caramelized white chocolate, pandan, coconut and toasted milk.

The second, Yeung Cha – is inspired by the Yin Yang symbol and is reminiscent of trips to Hong Kong where tea blended with coffee is enjoyed typically from street vendors. The bar features a combination of white chocolate and Hong Kong style milk tea, crystallized Orange Pekoe tea leaves, coffee, and milk chocolate. The overall art direction was to remain clean and modern to fit with Mijune’s personal brand and Beta 5’s visual identity, while conveying a style that spoke to where the memories were made.

Formalizing a Personal Brand Identity Via a Web Presence

This was an exercise in conveying the elegance and personality of Mijune Pak, while solidifying her personal brand identity and digital presence. The site formalizes her professional role as a spokes person, brand ambassador, influencer, lifestyle consultant, and host. Actively participating in a number of collaborations in the realms of fashion, beauty and food, the e-commerce format allows Mijune to showcase unique projects and curate product that she truly believes in.