May Contain Studios – A Brand Coming into Focus

May Contain Studios is a Winnipeg-based production company with a strong foundation in cinematic narrative expressed through commercial and editorial photography.  Specializing in branding film and everything in between, the name of the company emphasizes the indeterminate aspects of their production and the unlimited potential of their work. The visual identity was therefore conceived from the single element they require – the camera.

Developing a Cinematic Identity

Distilled from our investigation of the brand, we found inspiration in the pinhole camera, which epitomizes the basic function of every camera, whether it be for creating video or for still photography. The box-like shape of the pinhole camera reinforces the idea that it “may contain” light, video, imagery, narrative.

The logotype recreates the pinhole box, while adding in specific brand elements, such as the “M”, forming one face of the box and the “C” to recreate the lens. The colour palette references the processes of photography and cinematography wherein blue and yellow indicate colour temperature. A strong san-serif font was chosen, leaving the emphasis on the text and the logo mark.

Building a Visual Digital Space

Our digital approach led us to find an economical template that could easily display their production capabilities and highlight multiple video samples. The dynamic, cinematic visuals are offset with simple legible information-based pages to form a well-rounded yet light website with ease of accessibility and navigation.