Matix Lumber – Building for Longevity


Matix Lumber is dedicated to servicing all sectors of the building industry in Manitoba and Northern communities – offering a comprehensive selection of quality lumber and building materials manufactured by North America’s leading producers. They have a strong business foundation that honours building collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with everyone they work with and meet. As an already strong and established business, Matix Lumber was seeking a fresh, professional approach to their visual presence – from the quality of their community development drawings and maps to their presentation documents, and internal print materials.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

Expansion Inside and Out

2019 marked the introduction of Matix Lumber’s new Exteriors Division, offering the Winnipeg market with completely unique exteriors products with exclusivity. This would complete the “one-stop-shop” mission and help facilitate projects for clients, whether commercial or residential, large or small. 26 Projects developed the sub brand identity for the new Exteriors Division with simplicity and strength in mind. The new mark and icon distilled the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. Through an iterative process, we arrived at the simple solution of using an upper lower type style, and widening the kerning to visual breathing room. This is in contrast to the parent brand name, conveying the nature of exterior environments; ones that are not confined. A grounding line was introduced to create a clear, decisive separation between the word mark and the icon. 

Defining a Relationship with the North

In addition to supplying materials and construction services, Matix Lumber’s work involves a deeper connection with Northern communities by way of engagement, consultations, design, and building. Through contributions to various events, sport team sponsorships and yearly Christmas deliveries, Matix connects with the community as friends and partners. The long-standing ties and work of Matix Lumber’s founder, Tony Matic, with First Nations  people have become the underlying foundations of their current relationships with communities. It was important to the company that this aspect of their business was accurately and gracefully represented on their website and on all supporting marketing and communication materials. A carefully crafted narrative and tone was developed specific to this area of the business – one that is clear, considered and ultimately, inclusive.