J Kos-Whicher Studios – Visualizing a Voice


Jessica Kos-Whicher, an award-winning soprano approached 26 Projects to help transition her private teaching practice into a comprehensive performing arts studio. Her remarkable ability to connect, engage and inspire confidence in students at every stage of their development has brought her honourable recognition within the music community in Manitoba and beyond.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

Developing the Brand

We began with defining a name for the studio and subsequent brand identity. The visual language that was developed needed to reflect a collective studio identity, composed of many voices. The brand focuses on expressing Jessica’s energy and love of colour, and her ethos of encouraging a culture of performance excellence, and a true freedom for expression. The brand name required flexibility for growth into a performing arts academy, consisting of multiple partners.

We created a timeless yet modern word mark defined by subtle symbols and geometries found in written music.

Applying the Brand

The key defining element of the brand artwork is a treble clef – grafted into the word mark – to create an extracted brand-specific monogram. Alongside powerful photography to showcase the intimate relationships she has built with her students and a sincere brand narrative – we were able to build an economical website for the brand and solidify an engaging social presence and professional digital atmosphere. Today Jessica employs several instructors and her monogram has become a signature visual associated with her ethos of encouraging a culture of performance excellence.