Happy Dance Hummus – Helping a Brand Dance


A Manitoba Farmers’ Market instant favourite – the growing success of a once small-batch hummus production has expanded to grocery stores across Manitoba. Happy Dance Hummus is a refreshing and healthy, vegetable based spread that has proven to have much unrealized culinary potential. Our work with the brand commenced with a brand investigation, focusing on the visual identity, as well as a social media and narrative strategy to expand the voice and potential market of the hummus product.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

Giving Hummus a New Stage

As a studio, we prefer to view projects as a moving process towards finding new direction or to introduce a new aesthetic, which can be challenging from the perspective of the business owner to truly envision, having been so close to the brand since its inception. The project concluded with a subtle refresh of the existing identity with a vibrant and appetizing colour palette introduced to animate each flavour.

As a company grows, it is important to expand the brand in new and creative ways that allow an audience to see a new way of perceiving the product. The use of hummus as an ingredient in cooking beyond simply stopping at the delicious end product was explored in the most natural way – with the development of hummus-based recipes. Fresh and colourful recipe photography was executed for their use on active social channels, with the potential for use on print and other digital mediums. We worked closely with the client to achieve fun, colour-forward labels that would incite intuitive flavour identification in its handy, yet naturally encumbered freezer location within grocery stores.