Happy Dance Hummus – A Handful of Happy

Our friends at Happy Dance Hummus approached us with an open-ended project: expanding their online presence by introducing Facebook ads into their repertoire. Though we had a number of photos in our back pockets, we decided to create eye-catching graphics to accompany the ads – which ended up being the star of the show.

The Campaign Concept

The direction for the graphics sprouted from a simple phrase – a handful of happy. We photographed each flavour of hummus with minimal styling and bright, crisp lighting so that we would be able to illustrate on top of the images. From there, we created hand-drawn characters – intended to complement the refreshed branding we previously completed – dancing around the product to introduce playfulness and a feeling of joy and exuberance.

After the first concept was complete, we expanded our illustrations further to include the ingredients featured in each hummus flavour they offer. This series worked in tandem with the dancing characters to give viewers a fast impression of what the hummus would taste like and highlight the fresh ingredients, while piquing their imagination of what a Chipotle Lime or Curry Masala hummus would taste like.

The illustrations ended up being such a hit, that we refreshed the Happy Dance Hummus website to feature them as well.