Greenfish – Transparency, Sustainability and Accessibility

September 2019, Calgary’s Avenida Food Hall became home to the first Greenfish™ Sushi location, collectively conceptualized and realized by acclaimed Chef Darren Maclean and Chef Duncan Ly. The two are long-standing champions of sustainability in the culinary industry and saw this venture as a way to realize a collective dream. They are both passionate about recovering at-risk species in our oceans and reconciling the discrepancy between sustainable food choices and our access to them. 26 Projects was tasked with building the complete identity for the first sustainable take-out sushi restaurant in North America, creating everything from the design of the 100% biodegradable packaging – to the restaurant signage and menu design.

Brand Creation and Application

The word mark had to clearly express a connection to the environment and the access to sustainably-sourced fish. Custom scripting of the logo / word mark alongside the application of vibrant shades of green convey a soft yet rich visual quality. Subtle transparency and texture to convey a sense of craftsmanship were applied to the hand-drawn fish icons, adding a sense of playfulness and movement to the brand identity.

A Commitment to Sustainability

The packaging for the shared “omakase” boxes were designed for an immersive experience – housing not only sushi, but the story and manifesto behind the business. The brand identity had to maintain a sense of inclusivity, educate, and ultimately be very clear and approachable to all those who enjoy consuming sushi – regardless of their awareness of the option to choose a wholly sustainable option – made available by Greenfish.