Great White Bear Tours – Mapping Stories for a 30 Year Journey


Providing first-class transport and guidance through the remote and delicate Canadian Tundra – Great White Bear Tours gives people from across the globe exclusive access to Churchill polar bears and arctic eco-tourism.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

Looking Back and Reaching Forward

2018 marked the company’s 50th anniversary, for which we developed a book of memories and stories to commemorate the milestone and the people who have helped build the business since its inception. In addition to defining the editorial design and content direction, 26 Projects conceived of a strategy to communicate and present aspects of the book online for their website and Social platforms to extend the message of thanks, and communicate the words of those who have impacted the business. Founders Marilyn and Don share their account of obstacles and struggles, but also the luxury of doing what they have always dreamt of. Their love of travel and working with their hands, working with family and friends, and above all, the element of surprise that one faces when running a business on the arctic tundra. This project brought us to Churchill where we conducted interviews and new photography, while in the studio, we sifted through an archive of thousands more photos for the publication, fusing together their story and marking out the milestones. Looking back but also looking forward.

The book’s design was built upon a strong photographic foundation, experiential writings and words taken directly from the owners, their friends and their employees, making for a keepsake to be cherished and absorbed by the public and by those involved internally. This is a truly heart-felt project that we had the privilege of developing and seeing through to production.

“Love of nature is not determined by our physical proximity to it, but rather the position of our hearts in our relationship to it. For the Great White Bear Tour family, their collective heartbeat will always be out on the Churchill tundra, on the shores of the Hudson Bay, and in the ribbons of the northern lights”

— Excerpted from “Celebrating 30 Years of Friends, Adventures, and Treasured Memories”