Goal Chasers – A Bubbly Brand for Mamas with Goals

Goal chasers is a life coaching brand focused on uplifting and guiding a demographic that we all know and love – moms! This one-woman operation led by Justine McDonald works to support busy mothers on their journey towards reaching their full potential and chase their goals. Tasked with creating the brand identity and designing the company’s first product – a 12-month workbook for her clients – we looked to the target audience for inspiration.

Brand Identity

The visual identity of the brand is mindful of motherhood, reflecting a balance of tenderness and strength. We began by assembling a primarily pastel palette, infused with vibrant tones of coral and yellow to exude a soft and positive energy. A deep blue as the single dark component of the palette was chosen in lieu of black to soften the relation of a heavier tone with the lighter hues.

The wordmark utilizes a bold, custom sans-serif font. Elements of the typeface such as the width of the ‘H’, the counter space in the ‘R’, the apex of the ‘A’, and the spine of the ’S’ have been customized, lending a playful and child-like presence to the brand.

A script typeface was selected for ‘goals’ to further play with the idea of femininity and softness, intended to emulate written notes and reminders during life’s daily rush – reflected in the quick and sweeping brush strokes.

The linear graphic element of a line and dot embedded in the logo represents two notions: moving towards a goal – in this case, the dot being the goal – and as blank space to fill with a positive word or affirmation to describe oneself, something that is encouraged and employed frequently by the brand. This element accompanied by the ‘chasers’ typeface emphasizes the chase, the process, and the journey behind reaching one’s goals.

The brand’s font list is comprised of a clean, easy-to-read sans-serif font; a distinct on-brand sub-header font; a classic, contrasting sans-serif font; and two variations of cursive/script fonts for social media artwork. An extensive font list was assembled for Goal Chasers with the anticipation around future editorial work in the form of digital text-based posts and print material.

Stay tuned for a new Case Study in the works where we detail the process behind designing the workbook planner – entitled “12-Month MAMA’S GOT GOALS Planner”– presently available for purchase.