Good People Foods – Diversity, Accessibility and Openness


Good People Foods is a food company with the goal of sharing the power of clean, delicious, beautiful, and nutritious foods. The studio helped realize these ethical values in the refinement of the primary brand identity “Good People Foods” and a subsequent identity for the first product line: Vegnola. We focused on the flavour profiles of each package and the processes of their making to create a synthesis between the variations in flavour and the overarching parent company.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

A Mission Statement

Our initial task was to create a brand-world that envisioned the home from which these unique products could emerged. We created a framework of principles and messaging which guided our design process. The brand slogan “we are all good people” was paired along with a mission statement:

“We envision a world built upon equality, fairness and empowerment. We encourage living a healthy lifestyle, celebrate diversity, and hope to fill people with the love of life and real, wholesome food. Regardless of taste, colour, gender, orientation or identification”.

These notions of accessibility and openness drove the design towards a legible humanist typeface paired with a recognizable icon. The neutral qualities of the parent identity left an open canvas for a variety of unique playful products to emerge from.

Engaging Tactile and Digital Strategies

Both commercial and farmers’ markets remained the key point of exposure for the first product line, therefore a unique, recognizable artwork that evoked the product ingredients was key to the strategy.  We drew from each unique flavour profile to isolate pops of colour, offering each flavour its own identity.

The brand has since grown out of the local farmer market scene and maintains many loyal customers. We implemented a Shopify website that enables growing e-commerce for local small batch orders and orders abroad. The website now operates as an integral platform to express the brand’s messaging and a hub for the company’s online presence, connecting various social media platforms.

Tactile products call for tactile strategies, so we proposed creating brand post cards to pair with packages that would be given away at trade shows and local markets. Cohesive artwork was created, blending all the flavour profiles together. The intention was to bring a fun and vibrant splash of colour to reflect the various flavours in each bag.

The photographic approach demonstrates various unique applications of the product to create excitement and inspiration. Playful visuals of the owner engaging with the product reinforces the product’s simplicity of application and use, showing that it is ultimately so easy and enjoyable to consume.

We helped bring an overarching parent company identity to life by solidifying brand values and creating the framework for unique product identities to emerge. Today Good People Food’s Vegnola products can be found on many commercial retailer shelves throughout Manitoba.