Canadian Footwear – A New, Fitting Connection with a Long-standing Brand


The most established brands know when to grow and further understand their business capacity. All of us at 26 Projects are customers of the Winnipeg-based footwear retailer and foot clinic – Canadian Footwear. Their primary location is in our hood and it was natural that we began conversations about how we could support them in expanding their business both in Winnipeg and Calgary.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

Having existed as a footwear company since the 1930s, the family business has built a long list of loyal customers and trust within the local Winnipeg business community. To add to their long-standing success, the studio collaborated with the company to bring new vitality to their online social platforms through playful art direction, fresh photography, and strategy for their spring campaigns. The art direction for the graphic elements is informed by the brand’s existing palette – infused with shapes that add dynamic movement to represent the new season and the activities that come along with it. Copy and calls to action remain light and casual, yet educating their audience is always prioritized.

Airy, yet structured editorial design for their newsletters maintains the clean and minimal look of their current brand identity but offers a modern and vibrant take on displaying their products to delight the eye as much as their footwear delights the feet. Fresh photography of the Canadian Footwear family showcases their lovely personalities and embodies the nurturing familial aspect of the brand, especially during a time of struggle within the global community. Shots of product playfully in use combines the fun nature of the team with a focus on the complexity of their footwear. Our journey with Canadian Footwear has just begun.