Canadian Footwear – A Google Ads Success Story

A Winnipeg footwear company dove head-first into Google Ads during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, leading to 1,728 conversions with an average click-through rate of 13%.


Photos by Pauline Boldt.

The Story

Canadian Footwear has established themselves in the Winnipeg business community. In business since the 1930s, they have gained the loyalty and trust of Winnipeg customers. Current owners, Brian and Pam, took over the company from Brian’s father. 

Brian suffered from some minor health issues corrected by orthotics when first taking over the business. Canadian Footwear decided to offer additional services to better fill the customer’s needs, leading to their slogan “we fit you.” 

Canadian Footwear has 3 locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba and 1 location in Calgary, Alberta.

The Problem

Online shopping has hit a surge in the past couple of years, and the pandemic accelerated it even more. Canadian Footwear has 3 storefronts in Winnipeg and 1 in Calgary that were no longer accessible for in-person shopping.

Canadian Footwear knew they needed to provide the same personalized online shopping service their customers had come to expect in their store.

The Solution

Our process started with targeting customers seasonally. We ran sandal and athletic footwear campaigns in the summer and did a huge back-to-school campaign in the fall. Using a broad search Google Ads campaign, we were able to expand the target audience for Canadian Footwear beyond Winnipeg and Calgary.

Compared to industry standards, their rate is 683.135 higher than the average e-commerce site. During a time when businesses were unsure of their next steps and how to reach customers online, Canadian Footwear achieved a total of over 1,700 conversions and an average click-through rate of 13% over a 7 month period.

We optimized all our ads to perform on any Google search platform allowing Google to decide which placements would drive the best click-through rate at the lowest cost.

The Bigger Picture

Our Google search ads were one component of an overall, ongoing, digital marketing strategy for Canadian Footwear. Using a combination of paid digital advertising and newletters we have been able to connect to the existing market while promoting their footwear and services to new clients every day.

The Results

We measured our results from 8 Google Ad Search Campaigns which resulted in a 13% Average Click-through rate (most search campaigns average around 1.91%).

Over 449K people reached

Over 1700 website purchases

Over 42.7%  return on ad spend